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Пять преимуществ и гарантий от украинского производителя

Мы гарантируем:
· andзготовление заказов в срок;
· стабильное качество, согласно ГОСТам;
· доставка по всей Украине за 2 дня;
· честная цена от производителя;
· наличие на складе более 200 типоразмеров деталей;


The advantages of powder metallurgy: wastelessness, performance, highest precision, wide range of properties, obtain the unique properties.
· Wastelessness. The technology of powder metallurgy can be called a waste-free. Loss of raw materials are no more 5%.

· Performance. Advantageous to produce large quantities of parts at a press machines(Rotary Lines). Simple details can extrude over 5000 pieces in time.

· Highest accuracy. Due to the peculiarities of technology, precision molding and press-gauge instrument. Provides accuracy up to several microns (6-7 quality).

· Wide range of properties obtained. You can adjust the physical, Mechanical, Electric, magnetic etc. properties of products.
For example, ask the right electrical properties of contacts, magnetic properties of magnetic and mechanical properties of structural parts. A special feature of powder metallurgy is the ability to produce porous materials. For example, You can set the necessary porosity for filters or self-lubricating bearings. The performance characteristics of products can be made more flexible through the use of possibilities of powder metallurgy.

· Getting the unique properties, not achievable by other conventional methods. Powder technology provides opportunities to create a pseudo (nesplavlyayuschihsya of metals) and materials with special properties with special, that can not be, using other well-known industrial methods of manufacturing. It also provides an opportunity to obtain materials of high purity.

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